Maserati MC12

Brochure Maserati MC12 Stradale 2004

This is a prestige brochure with slipcase of a car that was produced in 2004 and 2005 by Maserati in a very limited production run. The Maserati MC12 (or Tipo M144S, the internal project name) was a two-seater car that was conceived to compete in the FIA GT Championships.

In 2004 and 2005 some 50 cars were produced to be sold as a Stradale-version to the public. The car was based on the Ferrari Enzo. This heritage is far from obvious, because the Maserati is longer and wider than the Enzo.

The brochure is a great example of Italian design. The white book is carefully crafted and includes superb photography. The blue slipcase boasts a three dimensional Maserati-logo. The makes the owner of the brochure feel a little bit like an owner of the real car.

General Motors Epic

General Motors Epic

Today I have received this charming Canadian brochure. It’s the Vauxhall Viva 1st generation that was built from 1963 to 1966. It has been sold in Canada through GM-dealers as the General Motors EPIC. This gave those dealerships an alternative to the Volkswagen Beetle that sold in big numbers at that time.

Renault Fuego Argentina

Renault Fuego Argentina

This is a brochure of the Renault Fuego by Renault Argentina.

South American car brochures are difficult to get in Europe. The interesting thing about the Argentinian Renault Fuego is, that its production continued many years after the production in Europe has been phased out. While European production ended in 1986, it continued to leave the factory in Argentina until 1992. It even got a mild facelift for the last two modelyears. A brochure of the Fuego by Renault Argentina is currently for sale within my offer on Ricardo:


Quattroruote Speciale 1965

So far I have mostly used the annual catalogue of the Swiss AUTOMOBIL-REVUE if I needed information on cars in production of a specific year. Recently I discovered the annual books by QUATTRORUOTE of Italy. Similar to the series of Automobil-Revue, they also have the claim to cover global production. Nevertheless, the focus is not quite the same and you will find some different brands. They are a great addition to my collection of Automobil-Revue catalogues. I can warmly recommend them!